(Personal Transformation Program)

Training program that caters to Individuals; can be Junior level from industry, Educational Institutes, young professional(technical graduates, Engg. AEC or Other) to bring in transformation by empowering them with helping them identify their core strength, updated industry norms, inter-personal skills and management lessons. To bring them to next level and evolve them into ‘Performers’.

(Leadership Transformation Program)

Transformation program for founders, owners, head of the organisations or senior leads. This is an executive level program which works at Empowering them with a difference in vision, objectives and ways they can enable their direct reports and teams to get extraordinary performance and results. In-turn achieving higher targets and growth.

(Team Transformation Program)

Training program for groups, teams of organisation. This is for Mid senior level people from industry. The program works towards practical solutions with them and brainstorming them, to bring in a change for them to reach next level of professionalism and visualisation. This can be a group of mixed junior and senior professionals. Following them up with backend support for them to reach optimum performance level.

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