Unstoppable Acers

ANARISE have been mentoring, training professionals from various companies and geographies of India. We have been working at grass root levels to transforms professionals at beginner level for individual transformation, mid senior level for team transformations, and also at Senior level for Leadership transformation.

“Unstoppable Acers” is a team awareness program for your senior team members and capable candidates for higher managerial positions. The program takes the candidates through the journey of self-exploration for untapped capabilities. We take them through a guided structured process to explore performance capacity.

The full day in the training program targets to guide them in structured way to identify and understand their strengths in form of personal domain of their capabilities. The awareness created in this process has ‘Multi-Dimensional’ benefit on not only personal performance front but they also identify probable methods to bring in awareness in their juniors.

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Their output increases multi folds and overall benefit from the program is of 10 X value.

Going through this program would give the candidate following advantages:

  1. An Edge over others.
  2. Discovering Capabilities they never realised.
  3. Improved approach towards Team Management.
  4. Structured thinking towards Personal Excellence.
  5. Avenue identification for Potential Performance.

Our organization believes in understanding each individual before suggesting any path or going through any process; and for that reason the first program with all professionals is personally mentored and coached by none other than the Founder of the phenomenal program.

This One day Workshop can make your team unstoppable in their capabilities, providing long term performance benefit; in completing targets, pitching for new projects, giving more output.

The program is of a value beyond the mentioned fields and we assure you a complete new approach in your team members after they complete the program.

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